There's Life After Depression

There's Life After Depression

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This Book Discusses Topics Such As:

  • Life Before Depression
  • The Saints
  • Defense
  • Opening Myself Up To Lust
  • Manipulation
  • Adjusting to College Life...and so much more!


Postpartum is a rare topic that most people are hesitant to discuss. However postpartum can occur before birth and after birth. You'll have days when you're feeling overwhelmed, crying for no reason, uncontrollable mood swings, and you will have changes in your normal eating or sleeping schedules. I, too suffered from postpartum depression which led into suicidal thoughts.

I started my pregnancy with the thought of having a family and it turned out, that I was already placed in the baby mother category shortly after my son was born. in that moment I felt betrayed by actions of my child's father. In return, I took a path into destruction. At the time when I dealt with a mental disorder, I didn't know exactly what postpartum was and neither did I know how serious depression can and would get.

Please hear me, depression is something you have no control over. Sometimes you don't know you're depressed until you take a step back and notice the change in your behavior. I knew that Had disconnected myself from my child at one point. I also knew that I sought love out of loneliness to void the hurt that was caused in my past relationship. I clubbed and got drunk every weekend with people who had no kids. They didn't have any responsibilities, but because I battled with a demon in my mind, those were activities I used as coping mechanisms. Because of my actions, I had people label me as bitter, miserable or childish.

In the midst of my healing process, I had those who reminded me of what I'm trying to be delivered from, loss of relationships with many who couldn't adjust to my new normal and people who laughed at me for choosing to follow Christ and live the way He wanted me to live for Him.

I, Makayla Cephus, is here to tell you that you don't have to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts alone and it's never too late to give God your "Yes!"

You Too Can Start Over!

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